Key Events of the Period
Date Event
1960 Nigeria gains independence from the British Empire.
9th December 1960 First episode of Coronation Street is broadcast.
1961 Jamaica gains independence from the British Empire.
1961 Bridget Riley paints Movement in Squares op art.
1961 The earliest known digital computer game Spacewar! is released.
1962 Trinidad gains independence from the British Empire.
1962 The audio (compact) cassette is invented.
1963 Kenya gains independence from the British Empire
11th January 1963 The musical film Summer Holiday is premiered starring Cliff Richard and The Shadows.
1963 The first touch-tone telephones are introduced.
22nd March 1963 The Beatles first number one album is released - Please, Please Me.
1963 The lava lamp is invented by Edward Craven-Walker.
23rd November 1963 First episode of Doctor Who is broadcast.
1st January 1964 First edition of Top of the Pops is broadcast.
1964 Terence Conran opens the Habitat home furnishings shop in London.
1964 Barbados gains independence from the British Empire.
23rd April 1964 BBC Two begins broadcasting.
16th February 1965 Richard Beeching recommends the closing of a quarter of the railway system as it is uneconomic and under-used.
1965 The mini-skirt is created by Mary Quant.
30th September 1965 First episode of Thunderbirds is broadcast.
1966 Go-Go boots become popular.
1966 The first electricity-powered Intercity train is used.
30th July 1966 England win the FIFA Football World Cup.
27th June 1967 The world's first cash machine is installed at Barclays bank in Enfield Town in north London.
1st July 1967 First colour television broadcasts in Europe are made on BBC2.
4th July 1967 Donald Campbell breaks the world water speed record in his boat Bluebird K7 but is killed in the process.
Summer 1967 Summer of Love - lots of music festivals are held across Britain.
30th September 1967 BBC Radio 1 is launched.
1968 5p, 10p and 50p coins introduced to start decimalisation of the currency.
1969 First pelican crossings are introduced.
16th July 1969 Saturn V rocket is launched from the Kennedy Space Center.
20th July 1969 Neil Armstrong becomes first human to step onto the moon.
24th July 1969 Apollo 11 astronauts return to Earth.