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1960s Homes

In the 1960s, many councils decided to build blocks of flats instead of houses. These could be built quickly and cheaply. They took up a small amount of land and gave homes to lots of people.

Many people thought flats like this were the answer to Britain's housing problems. People were happy to live somewhere clean and healthy, but soon they had to face new problems. Children who lived in flats high off the ground had nowhere to play. People who lived alone could feel very lonely.

Carlton Towers, Little London

Insides of homes were decorated and furnished with all things: fun, colourful and groovy, including:
  • bean bags;
  • lava lamps;
  • 'space-age' pod-shaped furniture;
  • wallpaper using vibrant colours such as bright red, purple.
1990s Mathmos Astro   Bean bag

Terence Conran is one of Britain's best-known designers. In 1964 he opened the first Habitat shop in London which grew into a large chain of home furnishings stores that helped to bring modern designs within reach of the general population.