About this Website

I have created this website to provide children aged 7-11 with a chronological overview of the history of Britain.

It contains information on the characteristic features of each period in our past from pre-history to the 1960s, including details of the significant events that took place and important people that lived in them.

All text is deemed to be factually true at the time of publishing, however you are welcome to contact me to report any mistakes/suggest improvements.

This website is still a work-in-progress so only certain sections have been written so far - more material is being added all the time.

I have spent many hours of my own spare time working on this website and I hope that people enjoy reading and learning the story of Britain's past from it!

Simon Haughton (May 2011)

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Guidelines for Editing
  • Content should be relevant and appropriate to the history of Britain.
  • Short paragraphs are preferred.
  • Language should be readable for an average KS2 child - specialist vocabulary can be defined using brackets.
  • Key words/phrases can be emphasised by making them bold and appear in a dark brown font colour.
  • The use of numbers/bullets is encouraged for long lists to improve clarity.
  • Images to insert can be found on http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page (ideally they should be inserted by copying/pasting the provided HTML code as this automatically attributes them).
  • Only upload photographs/clip art images from your computer if they are your own and you are allowed to publish them online.
  • No off-site links (apart from image attributions) - I want the site to be self-contained.
  • No embedded content (e.g. videos and animations) - again, I don't want to make the site too cluttered.