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Anglo-Saxon Clothes and Jewellery

Early Anglo-Saxon disc brooch

An Anglo-Saxon lady wore:
  • a loose gown fastened round her waist with a girdle;
  • a full-length, sleeved tunic; 
  • a mantle or cloak around her shoulders;
  • a hood over her head.
Anglo-Saxon men wore:
  • a knee-length tunic with tight sleeves;
  • a short cloak which was fastened on the shoulder;
  • breeches (knee-length trousers);
  • shoes with leather thongs which criss-crossed up their legs.
Poor people wore less clothes made of rougher cloth. They often went barefoot, even in winter.

The wealthy had clothes dyed with bright colours and fastened with expensive brooches.

The women also wore long strings of beads made of: glass, amber or amethysts.