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Anglo-Saxon Villages

Anglo-Saxon village at West Stow - - 40260   Anglo-Saxon village at West Stow 6337 Keith Evans

Some Anglo-Saxons built their houses inside the walls of Roman towns.

Others cleared spaces in the forest to build villages and make new fields.

Many villages were built near rivers because the Anglo-Saxons were good sailors.

A high wooden fence would be built around a village to protect it from wild animals like: wolves, foxes and boars.

Anglo-Saxon houses were rectangular huts made of wood with roofs thatched with straw. Each family house had one room, with a hearth with a fire for: cooking, heating and lightThe houses were built facing the sun to get as much heat and light as possible.

The biggest house in the village was the hall where the chief lived with his warriors. 

Other huts were used as workshops for things like weaving or pottery.

Each village would have an area of common land for everyone to use to graze their cattle.