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Sutton Hoo Ship Burial

Sutton Hoo Burial Chamber Replica

In 1939 archaeologists discovered an Anglo-Saxon ship burial at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk.

The ship was 27 metres long and a hut had been built in the middle of it, with the coffin inside.

Many precious objects (grave goods) were found next to the body to help the person on their journey to the afterlife.

These treasures tell us lots of information about who the buried person was:
  • There were coins in his purse with dates on - he died after AD625.
  • He had possessions covered in gold and jewels - he was very rich.
  • He was buried with weapons and armour - he was a man.
  • He owned a standard and a sceptre - he was very powerful.
The most famous item found was a magnificent helmet made of iron which had been placed next to the head of the body. It had: big bronze eyebrows, a crest over its middle shaped like a dragon and a mask at the front to cover the owner's eyes.

Historians believe the grave was of a king, probably King Redwald of East Anglia.

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