Key Events of the Period
Date Event
1st August 1714 George I becomes King.
1725 General George Wade begins constructing roads in Scotland.
22nd June 1727 George II becomes King.
1744 Royal Crescent in Bath is completed.
1750 First enclosure act introduced.
1754 Thomas Chippendale publishes his first furniture designs.
1759 John Harrison devised the first ever clock to keep the time exactly.
25th October 1760 George III becomes King.
17th July 1761 The Bridgewater Canal opens.
1765 John Metcalf begins building roads around the Pennines.
1769 James Watt improves steam engine design.
19th April 1770 The explorer Captain James Cook becomes the first European to discover Australia, reaching its south-east coast.
19th April 1775 American War of Independence Starts
1777 Richard Arkwright installs fist steam engine in a cotton mill
1783 Watt and Boulton partnership design steam engine for factories.
1783 John Loudon Macadam becomes involved with road construction.
3rs September 1783 United States of America are formed.
1785 The first power loom is built by Edmund Carwright.
1st January 1801 The United Kingdrom of Great Britain and Ireland is created following the Acts of Union 1800.
2nd August 1784 National mail delivery service devised by John Palmer is set up by the Post Office in London.
26th January 1788 The British arrive and establish their first colony in Australia.
21st February 1804 The first steam locomotive built by Richard Trevithick starts running.
21st October 1805 The Battle of Trafalgar is fought and won by the British.
1815 Sir Humphry Davy invents the Davy lamp for miners.
29th January 1820 George IV becomes King.
1821 Michael Faraday makes the first electric motor.
27th September 1825 George Stephenson's Locomotion starts running on the Stockton and Darlington Railway.
30th January 1826 Thomas Telford's Menai Bridge is completed.
6th October 1829 The Rainhill Trials start.
19th June 1829 Robert Peel established the Metropolitan Police Force for London.
26th June 1830 William IV becomes King.
15th September 1830 The Liverpool and Manchester Railway opens.