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Georgian Architecture

Bath Royal Crescent 2

The main features of a Georgian townhouse were:
  • a symmetrical facade (front);
  • an ornate portico (porch) above the front door, with columns at either side;
  • windows made from separate rectangular panels of glass; 
  • smaller windows on upper floors (the servants' quarters);
  • a small ring window at the top of the building;
  • decorative iron railings at the entrance.
Inside, Georgian houses had more furniture and carpets than in earlier periods. Thomas Chippendale became a popular designer of: cabinets, bookcases and chairs. The use of candles in chandeliers made rooms much lighter, although in cold weather only rooms with open fires in would stay warm. Bathrooms were still uncommon and many people were unlikely to take a bath in a tub of water more than once a year as water had to be heated over the over the fire first, which took a long time.

A famous Georgian street is The Royal Cresent in Bath. It consists of 30 houses in a sweeping curve above a sloping lawn and was built between 1767 and 1774.