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Religion and Beliefs


The Iron Age Celts had over 400 Gods and Goddesses, including:
  • Succelos (the sky god) with a hammer that caused lightning;
  • Nodens, who made clouds and rain.
The Celtic religion was closely linked to the natural world and so they believed their Gods and Goddesses lived in places like: lakes, rivers, cliffs and bushes.
The four main festivals of the Celtic year were based around the farming year:
  • Imbolc - 1st February
  • Beltane (the beginning of the warm season) - 1st May 
  • Lughnasa (the time for harvesting crops) - 1st August
  • Samhain - 1st November
The Celts' priests were called druids. They sacrificed: food, precious objects and even people to their Gods and Goddesses to keep them happy.

The Celts also believed that the human soul had an afterlife so when a person died they were buried with useful objects for the journey there (like a: helmet, sword and shield).