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1950s Fashion

With the ending of clothes rationing, people in the 1950s had more freedom over what clothes they wore.

Teenage girls started dressing differently than their mothers, preferring to wear brightly patterned dresses with tight waists and wide skirts. This style suited rock 'n' roll dancing as the skirt would swirl up reflecting the energy of the dance.

the 1950s-1950s dresses

The 'teddy boy' style became popular among some teenage boys. They wore: tight trousers, pointed shoes and brightly-coloured jackets with thin velvet lapels.

Youth Culture - Teddy Boys 1950s

Hairstyles copied the glamorous look of movie stars. Boys greased their hair into a quiff with tubs of Brylcreem and girls liked rollers in to curl their hair.

Fur coats (both real and imitation) were also quite popular and the 1950s saw denim jeans being worn casually for the first time too.