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Antarctic Exploration

Key Events of the Period
Date Event
6th August 1901 Discovery leaves Cardiff on the British National Antarctic Expedition.
30th December 1902 The National Antarctic Expedition reaches farther south than anyone had been before.
10th September 1904 Discovery arrives back in Portsmouth.
1904 Robert Falcon Scott is promoted to Captain in the navy.
1910 Robert sets off for his second Antarctic trip, the Terra Nova Expedition.
4th January 1911 The Terra Nova ship arrives in Antarctica.
1st November 1911 The journey to the South Pole begins on the Terra Nova Expedition.
17th January 1912 Robert Scott reaches the South Pole.
17th February 1912 Petty Officer Evans dies.
17th March 1912 Captain Oates walks out into a blizzard to die.
29th March 1912 Robert Scott writes his last diary entry and dies soon afterwards.
8th August 1914 The ship Endurance leaves Plymouth on the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.
18th January 1915 Endurance becomes stuck in the ice in the Weddell Sea.
14th February 1915 Shakleton orders his men to try to break the ice with picks.
27th October 1915 The order to ambandon the Endurance is given.
21st November 1915 Endurance sinks.
8th April 1916 The ice floe splits and the Endurance crew are forced in the lifeboats.
14th May 1916 The Endurance crew reach Elephant Island.
10th May 1916 Six of the Endurance crew reach the island of South Georgia.
30th August 1916 The remaining Endurance crew stuck on Elephant Island are rescued.