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The Falklands War

Key Events of the Period
Date Event
2nd April 1982 The Falklands War starts. Operation Rosario takes places as Argentine troops invade.
1st May 1982 British Harrier jets attack two airfields near Port Stanley.
2nd May 1982 The Argentine warship General Belgrano is sunk by a British submarine.
3rd May 1982 The Argentineans fire a missile to sink the British ship HMS Sheffield.
28th May 1982 The Battle of Goose Green starts. British soldiers are attacked by Argentine soldiers armed with: (large guns), cannon and machine guns.
29th May 1982 The Battle of Goose Green ends. The Argentine commander surrenders his troops.
14th June 1982 The Falklands War ends as the Argentine forces surrender.
20th June 1982 Peace is declared on the Falkland Islands.