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Britain in the Falklands War

Britain had the support of the United Nations for its reasons for going to war, although it hoped that things could be settled through peace talks it was having.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Britain eventually sent its navy across to the Falklands to try to reclaim the islands. They would also guard a 200 mile military exclusion zone around the islands set up to protect their inhabitants. The Queen's royal ship, the Queen Elizabeth II, was also sent into action along with two ferries and a container ship too.

Falklands, Campaign, (Distances to bases) 1982

On 1st May 1982, British planes carried out attacks on two airfields near Port Stanley, occupied by the Argentinean forces. The Argentines said the raids failed to destroy the runways and claimed a British pilot died and two Harriers were destroyed. The British Ministry of Defence, however, said that none of its aircraft were shot down and that only one Harrier was slightly damaged.

899 Shar Yeovilton