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The End of the Falklands War

The Falklands War ended on 14th June 1982 because the Argentine forces surrendered (gave up their fight). Peace was officially declared on the islands on 20th June 1982. 

More than 900 people died in the three-week war - 655 Argentines, three Falkland islanders and 255 British servicemen, many of them sailors who died during attacks on warships.


The victory boosted the popularity of Margaret Thatcher's government which went on to win the next election.

Margaret Thatcher 1981

The Argentine president General Leopoldo Galtieri, meanwhile, was removed from office and served three years in prison for military incompetence.

Although the two nations have now made peace and relations between them are pleasant, Britain still likes to maintain an expensive and large garrison of troops on the islands to keep them defended. Indeed, the beaches and land around Port Stanley were heavily mined with explosives during the war and some areas remain marked minefields.

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