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The General Belgrano

On 2nd May 1982, Wreford Browns (captain of the British submarine, HMS Conqueror) led a mission to sink the Argentine warship General Belgrano and it succeed - 323 Argentines onboard were killed and the remaining passengers were all wounded. Bad weather made the lifeboats scatter and lowered the chance of survival for its crew.

ARA Belgrano sinking

The attack had been ordered by the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher who had been advised that the ship was a threat to British lives - even though it was outside the exclusion zone and apparently sailing away from the Falklands.

On the following day, the Argentineans retaliated by firing a missile to sink the British ship HMS Sheffield, killing 20 men and injuring 24 others. The ships: Sir Tristram, Sir Galahad, HMS Antelope, HMS Coventry and Atlantic Conveyor were also hit.