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The Start of the Falklands War

The Falkland Islands are in the South Atlantic Ocean, about 300 miles east of Argentina. They have a population of about 3,000 people living on them, most of whom are British and speak English. Many of the islanders work in fishing and sheep farming (for wool). 

The Falkland Islands have been an overseas territory of the United Kingdom since 1833.

On 2nd April 1982, Operation Rosario took place when about 3,000 Argentinean Special Forces invaded Port Stanley - the islands' capital - to take control. Their leader was called Admiral Jorge Anaya.

British Surrender

After an attack on Government House, during which one Argentine soldier is said to have been killed, the 100 British troops stationed in the area then surrendered.

Argentine Amtrac

A war (the Falklands War) then broke out between Britain and Argentina over the ownership of the islands.