Key Events of the Period
Date Event
55BC Julius Caesar leads the first Roman invasion of Britain but is fought back by the Celts.
54BC Julius Caesar leads the second invasion of Britain. The British Celts promise to pay tribute to Rome and so are left in peace.
AD43 Emperor Claudius leads the third invasion of Britain. He succeeds and makes it part of the Roman Empire.
AD49 The town of Camulodunum (Colchester) is founded.
AD50 The town of Londinium (London) is founded.
AD60 Construction starts on the new Roman baths at Aquae Sulis (Bath).
c.AD60 Boudicca destroys three Roman cities at protest of the Roman invasion but is defeated at the Battle of Watling Street and dies.
AD70 The Romans conquer Wales and the North.
AD79 The Romans start building a fort in Chester named Deva Victrix.
AD79 The Romans start building a fort in Manchester named Mamucium.
AD122 Construction of Hadrian's wall begins in northern Britain.
AD140 The Romans conquer Scotland.
AD142 Construction of the Atonine Wall begins across central Scotland.
AD163 The Romans withdraw from Scotland and the Atonine Wall is abandoned.
AD180 Most of the major Roman roads in Britain are now complete.
c.AD200 The city wall around London is completed.
AD343 The Emperor Constans visits Britain to try and prevent attacks from the Picts in Scotland.
AD367 The Picts and Scots overrun Hadrian's Wall and ravage northern Britain.
AD408 Anglo-Saxons start raiding Britain.
c.AD410 The last Romans withdraw from Britain as every soldier is needed to defend Italy which is under attack itself. Emperor Honorius decrees that 'Britannia must fend for herself'.