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Roman Baths

Most Romans went to public baths to: keep clean, take exercise and meet their friends
  • First, they did exercises outside in the palaestra, such as: throwing and catching a ball, wrestling and fighting with wooden swords;
  • Second, they went into the steam room;
  • Next, they soaked in the hot room;
  • Then they relaxed in the warm room;
  • Lastly, they jumped into the cold pool.
Pompeii forum baths frigidarium 2

The Romans did not have soap, but used olive oil instead. They would lie on a marble slab in the warm room whilst a slave rubbed it into their skin. They then used a metal strigil to scrape off the: dirt, sweat and oil.

Aquae Sulis was the Roman name for Bath. It means 'the waters of the goddess Sulis'. The Romans built a large bath house there between 60 and 70AD so they could swim in the hot, 'healing' spring water which came up from the ground.

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