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King William III and Queen Mary II - The Glorious Revolution

King William III of England, (1650-1702)      Mary II after William Wissing

A Dutch man from Holland named William of Orange succeeded James II to the throne and became joint sovereign along with his wife Mary (James II’s daughter).

They were both Protestants and came to the throne on 13th February 1689. This followed their invasion into England the previous year which had been requested by Parliament to help overthrow (remove and take over from) the unpopular, Catholic King James II in what has become known as ‘The Glorious Revolution’.

Mary left much of the business of the kingdom to William. He was never popular though because: his English was poor, he had bad table manners and he seemed to be more interested in Holland than in England. 

Mary died in 1694 but William continued to reign until he died on 8th March 1702.