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Stuart Discoveries and Inventions

There were many important inventions and discoveries made during the Stuart period:
  • The Daily Courant is said to to be the world's first regular daily newspaper and was first published on 11th March 1702 from Fleet Street in London. Improvements made to the postal system and road transport allowed it to be distributed quicker than previous, weekly newspapers.
The Daily Courant
  • The Sedan chair first appeared for hire in London in 1634. It consisted of a covered bench where the passenger would sit and a pole either side for two porters to lift and carry them. They could easily pass in narrow streets and were made to reduce congestion of horse-drawn carriages in the main streets.
  • In 1705, the astronomer Edmond Halley was the first person to work out that a bright comet, now named Halley's Comet, would return according to its orbit.
Edmund Halley
  • Sir Isaac Newton discovered the theory of gravity when he saw an apple fall from a tree and decided that this must be because the earth attracted it. He also studied light and invented the the refracting telescope in 1668 after he discovered that white light can be split into a spectrum of seven different colours when passed through a prism.
  • In 1628 a doctor named William Harvey discovered and explained how blood is pumped and circulated around the body by the heart.
William Harvey 2