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Maiden Voyage

The Titanic began her maiden voyage from Southampton, bound for New York City on Wednesday 10th April 1912. For many emigrants who sailed on the the Titanic's maiden voyage, the trip to America promised to be the fulfillment of a dream, offering the chance of a new life. Captain Edward J. Smith was in command and it was to be his last job before his planned retirement.

After crossing the English Channel, Titanic stopped at Cherbourg, France, to take on board additional passengers and stopped again the next day at Queenstown, Ireland before steaming out into the open Atlantic Ocean. There were about 2,201 passengers and crew aboard at this point.

Some of the most prominent people of the day were travelling in first class. They included: millionaire John Jacob Astor IV and his wife, Macy's department store owner Isidor Straus and the millionairess Margaret "Molly" Brown. White Star Line's managing director Bruce Ismay and the ship's architect Thomas Andrews were also on board to observe any problems and assess the general performance of the new ship.

Margaret Brown, 3qtr view, with chair