Key Events of the Period
Date Event
22nd August 1485 Battle of Bosworth Field takes place between the armies of the House of York and the House of Lancaster. King Richard III is killed.
22nd August 1485 Henry Tudor becomes King Henry VII of England.
9th June 1497 John Cabot discovers Newfoundland in Canada.
21st April 1509 Henry VIII becomes King of England.
11th June 1509 Catherine of Aragon becomes King Henry VIII's first wife.
24th June 1514 Cardinal Thomas Wolsey takes over Hampton Court Palace in London and spends lavishly to make it into a fine palace.
25th January 1533 Anne Boleyn becomes King Henry VIII's second wife.
3rd November 1534 Act of Supremecy is declared, declaring Henry VIII to be the Supreme Head of the Church of England.
August 1535 Thomas Cromwell leads royal commisioners to investigate the country's monasteries.
18th March 1536 Dissolution (closing down) of the monasteries begins.
30th May 1536 Jane Seymour becomes King Henry VIII's third wife.
1536 England and Wales are united by the Act of Union 1536. Many Welsh people are upset however because members of Parliament have to speak in English.
6th January 1540 Anne of Cleves becomes King Henry VIII's fourth wife.
28th July 1540 Catherine Howard becomes King Henry VIII's fifth wife.
19th July 1545 The Mary Rose warship is sunk in Portsmouth harbour.
28th January 1537 Edward VI becomes King of England.
1552 The Act of Uniformity makes it law for English people to be Protestants.
10th July 1553 Lady Jane Grey becomes Queen of England.
19th July 1553 Mary I becomes Queen of England.
12th February 1554 Lady Jane Grey is executed.
17th November 1558 Elizabeth I becomes Queen of England.
1562 Sir John Hawkins trades slaves for the first time.
26th April 1564 William Shakespeare is baptised in Stratford-upon-Avon.
26th September 1580 Sir Francis Drake completes his circumnavigation of the World in his ship The Golden Hind.
4th June 1584 Sir Walter Raleigh establishes the first English colony in America, naming it Virginia.
8th February 1587 Mary Stuart (Queen of Scotland) is executed under the order of Queen Elizabeth I.
29th July 1588 Attacking Spanish Armada are first sighted off Cornwall.
6th August 1588 The Spanish Armada anchor near Dover.
7th August 1588 The English set alight fireships and send them towards the Spanish Armada who panic and flee.
12th August 1588 English ships pursuing the Armada give up the chase and return to ports.
13th August 1588 The commander of the Spanish Armada orders his ships to sail around Scotland and head home.
1-21st September 1588 Bad weather wrecks many Spanish ships off the coast of Ireland and Scotland.
22nd September 1588 Surviving ships of the Armada start reaching Spain.
1599 The Globe Theatre in London is built.
24th March 1603 Queen Elizabeth I dies without any heirs, thus ending the Tudor period of rule.