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King Edward VI

King Edward VI (1537-1553)

Edward was the only son of King Henry VIII and so became king when his father died.

His mother was Jane Seymour, Henry VIII's third wife.

As he was only nine years old and too young to rule when he became king, he was known as 'The Boy King' and let his ministers rule for him, led by the Proector, first the Earl of Somerset then the Duke of Northumberland.

Edward had tuberculosis and was very ill - everyone knew he would not live for very long.

Under his reign, England became a protestant nation (followed by people who protested against the Roman Catholic religion). All Church services began to be held in English (instead of Latin) and a new prayer book was introduced. Catholics were treated very badly and catholic bishops were locked up.

King Edward VI died at the age of 16 in 1553.