Key Events of the Period
Date Event
c.AD789 Viking raids on Britain begin.
AD793 Vikings attack the monastery at Lindisfarne.
AD865 A great army of Vikings invades Britain and starts fighting the Anglo-Saxon Kings.
AD866 Vikings capture York, renaming it Jorvik.
AD 876 Vikings from: Denmark, Norway and Sweden settle permanently in England.
AD878 King Alfred of Wessex defeats the Viking army in a battle.
c.AD886 King Alfred makes a peace agreement with the Viking leader Guthram and Danelaw is formed.
AD1014 King Cnut gains rule over northern England but becomes the first Viking king of all Britain when Edmund, the King of south England dies a few weeks later.
AD 1035 King Cnut dies.
25th September 1066 The Viking King of Norway, Harold Hardrada, invades England to claim the throne but is defeated by Harold I at the Battle of Stamford Bridge.