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Viking Food and Drink

Most Vikings were farmers. They kept: horses, cattle, sheep and goats for meat and milk.

Wheat and barley were grown to make bread and beer. They also grew fruit and fished in rivers and lakes. 

They cooked meat in a big stew-pot over the fire, or roasted it on an iron spit.

Meat and fish were sometimes dried or smoked to help preserve (keep) them for longer - useful for taking on long journeys.

At a feast, guests drank ale and mead (a strong drink made from honey). People drank out of wooden cups or drinking horns (made from cow-horns).

People picked up meat in their fingers and cut it with a sharp knife or dagger - there were no forks.

Feasts were held to mark: weddings,  funerals and seasonal festivals, such as midwinter. Some feasts could on on for weeks!